New Video / More Press for Blossington

Hi folks. A bunch more press about the new album came out while I was on tour. Here's a couple that I tracked down online. I'm still trying to collect audio recordings of some radio appearances and scans of article which were in print only (including a feature in my hometown paper The Harrow News!). 

"Produced by Brodie Stevenson at his home studio "about a block-and-a-half away" from Harrison's then-apartment, the album's sound reflects the gritty, not-yet-gentrified feel of the neighbourhood in which it was made." 

- Neil McDonald, the Waterloo Record

"The record is reflective, contemplative, and unafraid... This intricate, finger-picked road trip does not have a beginning or an end. It’s not a comfort. It’s not an anecdote. In fact – after listening, it’s easy to reflect on our own 'unfinished business', places we’ve been with loose ends which may never get to be completely tied up. Blossington is about a place in time that Derek Harrison spent writing and reflecting. He’s since moved, but this record is a beautiful recollection of what was going through his mind while he called this area in Toronto 'home.'"

- Dan MacDonald, the Windsor Independent

And here's a video that was shot by the illustrious Robert Manley in a garage in Hamilton on May 25th. This is "Snow", a song which was considered for Blossington but ultimately not chosen because I couldn't settle on the guitar arrangement (I think I've got it now). Enjoy!

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