Derek Harrison is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who spent a lot of time touring the eastern half of Canada in his twenties (and a little bit of time working in backing bands in Europe and Australia) and now mostly stays home. He keeps busy by composing music for podcasts, video games, and sometimes weird indie radio stations in Germany, and still writing too many songs. On his third and most recent solo album, And a Roof (2019), he was backed up by Toronto folk-rockers The Old Salts, but still managed to keep things pretty low key. During the 2020 lockdown, he formed the family band Colchester Harbour and produced a track-by-track punk remake of his quiet lo-fi 2017 album Blossington. In an effort to keep up his streak of releasing an album every year [update '22: he failed], he's currently recording some new songs in the celtic folk vein, which he hopes will see the light of day soon.


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